Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hypotek is designed so that no knowledge of law is required by
the user.

The user only has to enter information relating to their debt (their invoice) and the software will analyze their eligibility for the legal mortgage and produce the necessary documents.

In addition, a lawyer will certify the validity of any mortgage deed as to its form before it is issued.

By entering your information into the software, Hypotek will analyze your eligibility for a legal mortgage.

If the software determines that you are not eligible, you will have the opportunity to speak to a lawyer so that they can explain your rights and remedies.

Hypotek users benefit from free legal assistance from
lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar to answer all their questions and obtain legal advice regarding their legal hypothec file.

The user can interrupt their mortgage recourse at any time with Hypotek, without cost or penalty.

In addition, the user can also issue a receipt (partial or total) to their debtor and even register a release with the software. The release will have the effect of canceling the legal hypothec on the debtor's immovable.

No. Hypotek administers all stages of the mortgage recourse prior to
legal recourse, when required.

If your debtor remains in default, despite your mortgage recourse, you will then be justified in requesting the forced abandonment of the building from a judge to take it in payment of your debt or to sell it in court.

When forced abandonment proves necessary, Hypotek’s lawyers will help you
will advise on next steps as well as your rights and remedies.

Three notification methods are offered by the platform, namely notification by email, by registered mail or by bailiffs.

By default, the software will offer the most affordable notification method to the user, subject to it being permitted by law. Indeed, the law requires compulsory service by bailiff for certain documents.

Additional costs to expect are generally government fees for registration in the Quebec Land Registry and notification fees.

Government fees are frequently updated and published here.

As for notification costs, Hypotek favors email notification (included with all our plans).

When necessary, the user can serve a document by registered mail (generally between $10 and $50) or by bailiffs (generally between $50 and $150 depending on the distance and the number of attempts at service).


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