What is the legal hypothec of co-ownership? First, the legal hypothec of the syndicate of co-ownership (hereinafter " legal

In this article, we discuss the obligations of contractors who undertake work on the common portions of a co-ownership

Legal construction mortgage definition The legal construction mortgage is a right granted to those involved in the construction or

What is a legal mortgage? First of all, the definition of a legal hypothec: it is a protective measure

What does it mean to register a legal mortgage? Registering a legal mortgage is a procedure by which a

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Registering a legal hypothec is an excellent way for a creditor to enforce his rights in the event of

Who can take out a legal construction mortgage? A legal hypothec can be taken out in favor of parties

Formal notice definition Whether it's a construction, condominium or judgment notice, a formal notice in Quebec is a formal

What does it mean to cancel a legal mortgage? First of all, to answer the question properly, it is

In the legal sense, a mortgage is a "security". It is a guarantee for a creditor so that he

Among the various types of legal mortgage, one stands out. It is distinguished by its status among the various

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