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Registering a mortgage can be essential in certain situations. On the other hand, the legal registration process can seem arduous and complex. Fortunately, with Hypotek, everything is simple, safe, fast and online.

What isHypotek?

If you need to register a construction, condominium or judgment mortgage, Hypotek can help. Hypotek is a platform created by lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar to facilitate the registration of a legal hypothec. Its aim is to make this process more accessible to the public. By using Hypotek, users can save time and money, as tasks traditionally carried out by a legal professional are now automated. What’s more, Hypotek ‘s team of legal professionals carefully checks all documents produced by the platform, ensuring rigorous control for users.

How does Hypotek work?

Using the Hypotek platform can be described in four simple steps.

First of all, you need to provide the necessary information about your claim, such as the amount and the debtor’s contact details. When you enter your information, the software will be able to determine whether you can publish a legal mortgage. In fact, to take out a legal mortgage you must meet certain criteria. For example, theArticle 2724 of the Civil Code of Québec (hereinafter C.C.Q.) [1] sets out the claims that may give rise to a legal hypothec, while thearticle 2729 C.c.Q., provides that a syndicat des copropriétaires (condominium owners’ association) cannot take a legal hypothec of co-ownership if a co-owner is not ”in default, for 30 days, of payment of his share of common expenses.

The software and legal professionals will then evaluate the file and begin the mortgage recourse process.

At the third stage of the process, all you have to do is wait for your debtor to make the payment, to avoid seizure of their property as a means of payment. Generally, the case is settled at this stage.

Finally, if the debtor remains in default of payment, you can take legal action to seize the debtor’s property. On the other hand, the Hypotek platform takes care of the various stages of mortgage recourse prior to legal action. So, if thedebtor remains in default, you won’t be able to seize his or her property through the platform. In this case, you will have to initiate a compulsory purchase order with the court. Hypotek ‘s lawyers will be happy to provide you with appropriate legal advice concerning your rights and the action to be taken at the appropriate time.

Some of the benefits of Hypotek

Access to legal advice

Not only does Hypotek allow you to register your legal mortgage online, but it also provides you with online legal assistance. In fact,legal assistance is free when you register with Hypotek. The user will therefore have access to a fast legal service enabling him to obtain free answers to his legal questions concerning his legal mortgage file.

No need for legal knowledge

What’s more, the platform has been designed so that users require no legal knowledge to use it. In fact, on the Hypotek platform, you only need to enter information about the claim.

To conclude

Finally, if you need to register a construction, condominium or judgment mortgage, Hypotek can help.

Hypotek offers you free legal assistance. So not only will you save time and money, you’ll also save on legal services. Hypotek creates local justice through its online services and access tolegal information. Discover our packages and advantages depending on the type of mortgageContact us for more information.

[1] Civil Code of Québec, RLRQ, c. CCQ-1991, (hereinafter “C.c.Q.”).